Kashi Vishwanath Temple – Gyanvapi Complex Survey : Third day, survey of 4 rooms of the mosque, 50% survey completed, Hindu side said information beyond imagination

Varanasi : On Saturday, on the orders of Civil Judge Sr. Division Ravi Kumar Diwakar, a survey was conducted by opening the lock of the mosque located in the Kashi Vishwanath Temple-Gyanvapi complex.

The survey lasted for about three and a half hours. A total of 52 members were present. It also includes three court commissioners. After the survey, the lawyers of the plaintiff-defendant side refused to tell anything clearly.

Meanwhile, the Hindu side maintained that things unimaginable were found by the survey of the basements. Everything will now be disclosed by the court itself after the hearing on May 17. Meanwhile, the survey will continue on Sunday as well.

Survey conducted under tight security

Survey of Gyanvapi Masjid started peacefully from 8 am. Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh was also present during this. The police commissioner, who came out of the Gyanvapi campus some time ago, said that the process of the survey of the court commissioner went smoothly and in a cordial manner. The survey work of the first day was completed successfully.

The survey work will continue on Sunday as well. Four cellars were opened and videographed on the first day. The police commissioner told that this is the action of the court commissioner. Our responsibility is to provide security. Adequate security was provided.

The four doors of the so-called cellars were opened

According to the information received, four doors of the alleged basement were opened. There was rust in the locks. Despite having the keys, the team went inside by breaking the lock. The administration had arranged for lighting for the survey in the basements.

50% survey done

According to the lawyer for the Hindu side, the survey work was done at about fifty percent of the place. The survey will continue on Sunday as well. Team members did not share any information. Where is the property of the court, the information came out in the survey. All the information will be placed before the court on May 17.

The survey started at exactly eight o’clock in the presence of 52 people.

Earlier, the survey of Gyanvapi started from 8 am. Advocate Commissioner Ajay Mishra and 52 people from the plaintiff-respondent side went inside the premises. The mobiles of everyone in the survey team were deposited outside. The administration had closed the entry of public for 500 meters around the Gyanvapi campus. one km.

More than 1500 police-PAC personnel were deployed under the purview. Survey had to be done in closed cellars for years, so the team took the battery light. Apart from this, lock breakers, snake charmers and sweepers were also called. The survey went on till 12 noon.

First floor grill survey

The team first did videography near the grill on the ground floor. Special cameras and lights were arranged for videography of the premises.

Roof top force on the roof of nearby houses under security

In view of the security, roof top force has been deployed on the roofs of the surrounding houses. For darshan in Kashi Vishwanath temple, devotees are going only from gate number-1. Gate no-4 near Gyanvapi is closed.

Here are present

Under the order of the court, the plaintiff-respondent side, advocates of both the sides, Advocate Commissioner and his team, DGC Civil and his team, Vishwanath temple team and the team of police-administrative officers were involved in the survey.

Highlights of the third day of the survey

First the lock of one room was opened but the key of the other room was not found till 10 o’clock, then the lock was broken.

Lighting was done due to the darkness inside the rooms.

Pedestrians have also been stopped towards Kashi Vishwanath Gate number four. No one is allowed to leave except those who bring the dead body. Those who have shops in the area are also not allowed to open till 12:00 at present.

Since morning, devotees are being given entry from gate number one

After the completion of the third day’s survey, the plaintiffs and the defendants’ advocates came out of the premises. After coming out, the court commissioner and other advocates kept quiet.

-Police made everyone sit in vehicles and left from Kashi Vishwanath Dham.

– Said Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh, survey work will be done tomorrow also.

The survey team consisted of 25 people, the plaintiff and the respondent, showing restraint, fully cooperated in the survey work, this is the order of the court, so the survey team refused to give any information related to the survey in front of the media.

According to the sources of Hindu side, it seems that the remains of temples have been found in the food.

 Mischievous elements had filled the soil in the basement

-The evidence is in our favor in the Hindu side-survey

Court commissioner and other advocates kept silent

-Police made everyone sit in vehicles and left from Dham

 – Said police commissioner, survey work will be done tomorrow

 – Petitioner Sohanlal said that more evidence has come out than imagined, which cannot be thought of.

 – 5 rooms have been found in the basement, survey completed in three rooms

 – Silence spreading on the congested road

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